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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." Author unknown



Our Canine-Spirit™ ball was originally designed for horses, but when we witnessed the enthusiasm of our dog, Spirit (below) playing with the Equi-Spirit™ horse ball, we knew we had to offer this great product to other dogs and their humans.  Furthermore, the response we received from dog guardians who purchased an Equi-Spirit™ ball was amazing, which concreted the idea to start Canine-Spirit™ Toys. 



The Canine-Spirit™ 25” ball features a heavy-duty inner PVC bladder which is then covered by an Ultimate 1000 denier domestic Cordura cover.  An air pump is used to inflate it and it can be kept inflated for storage.



Canine-Spirit 25” ball is lively enough to get even the most laid back dogs (even seniors) to get moving and playing. The balls are also very effective with training exercises while adding some positive fun to learning.


Boo, an Old English Sheep Dog, wasn't much for playing until he got his Canine-Spirit Ball




Elicia, an agility dog competitor shared these great photos of her puppies playing with their Canine-Spirit Ball




                           Beck and Friends Playing Ball



Testimonial from Brad and Jill Wall from Portland, Oregon


We had to write to tell you what a smashing success your Canine-Spirit Balls have been with our 9 month old Newfoundland dog, Hope. Hope is an intelligent, fun loving and energetic puppy who loves to play and plays hard. She’s never one to pass up a heart pounding, heavy panting, tongue hanging all-out romp. Because her play is so physical and free spirited we were having a hard time finding and keeping toys for her that were size appropriate, mentally stimulating and could withstand the cyclone we call Hope. After she destroyed her last Pilate’s ball belly-surfing it across our backyard yard, we set out on an internet mission to find the right toys for her. By chance we stumbled across your website and the wonderful pictures of the horses having such a great time with the Equi-Spirit Ball. Both my wife and I commented that the expressions of sheer joy on the horses’ faces were the same ones we would see when Hope played with a toy that she really liked. We ordered 2 balls; a 26” Smiley Face and 40” Soccer ball, and Hope loves and plays with both of them. Despite her best efforts, both balls continue to withstand her body surfing, repeated slams, aerobatics, head butts, bites and all around frivolity and merriment.


We’ve passed your website address along to a number of our friends across the country who also have Newfoundland dogs and who are continually looking for the perfect toy for their dogs. I think we found it.  Thanks.




                                              Lincoln and his Canine-Spirit Ball




Bruder & Ilsa                                          


From This----



                                         To This....








Annie with her new Canine-Spirit Ball, Canada



"Got the ball today and blew it up.....the minute Mikey say it he went crazy. He herded it around the arena hard for 20 minutes and I finally had to call it off, since he's 11 and I thought he might have a heart attack! Thanks so much for such a fabulous product!"

--Jane Reed




Camp Lisa Doggie Day Care in Moraga, CA



Rosie and Lily with their Smiley Face Ball.





Great You Tube video of Archie Moore, the Boxer playing with his 40" Canine-    Spirit Ball     CLICK for You Tube video 



Products in our Canine-Spirit ™ Line of Toys







25" Canine-Spirit(tm) Ultimate Cordura Dog Play Balls--These extra heavy-duty Ultimate Cordura balls are great for free-play or training exercises. Featuring a durable PVC bladder and 1000 denier Cordura cover, this ball can give your dogs years of play. Suggested for any dog who nips at their play balls. Includes plug, set of instructions and a 30-day warranty against manufactuer's defects. MADE IN THE USA

  25" Ultimate Cordura balls: $125

Available in green/yellow, red/yellow or blue/yellow





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                 More Fun Pictures of Happy Customers



                                         Chopper & Lady from New South Wales



                                                 Search and Rescue Dog in California



Equi-Spirit ™ Balls for HORSES


Since this product was originally designed to hold up to extreme horse play, it is durable enough for rough-house play by dogs.  




For hilarious photos and videos of horses playing,   CLICK here



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